Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Acceptance and Su Su Sudhi Vathmeekam

Su Su Sudhi Vathmeekam is a feel good movie which will inspire anybody with stammering or for that matter any disability to come up in life. The key to do that is to accept your stammer/disability and to work on the communication skill or the affected activity. Though recent research shows that stammering has a neurological root, it is not such a big issue to affect the life of the person.

Unlike other disabilities this is most often laughed at. Most of the time this happens... during the childhood of the person. It is the emotional baggage that the person develops over a period of time that makes it a monster. This movie helps in showing this and let's hope the society will give space to the people with stammering.

When you accept yourself as a stammerer, it doesn't mean that he is moving into a shell. It means he has stopped fighting with that. He considers it as part of his life. He might even flaunt it! Take the case of a person who limps. If he doesn't accept his limp and tries to walk like a normal person, he won't be able to move ahead. If he walks with the limp he will move ahead. Similarly, if a stammerer tries to hide his stammering and tries to talk like a normal man, it will only increase the tension and affect his communication. If he allows himself to talk with a stammer, he will allow the monster to come out and will convey his points clearly. He might still stammer, but will not feel ashamed of it. It is okay to stammer! Just speak!

The movie conveys this message and is a must watch. Don't miss it.

Kudos to Ranjith Sankar and Abhayakumar Kanthi Bhavan for coming up with this idea. I will be a happier person if it was remade in Hindi and reached a wider audience.

(originally written on 29-Nov-2015 in facebook at
The previous day I had written my detailed views about the movie. It spoke about the history, the good points, its drawbacks and a summary. It seems the message of the movie was not noticed by many and a few people concentrated on the points which I mentioned as disappointments. This post was written to clarify my stand about the movie.)

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